Website ServicesWhen people land on your website, whether it’s a search engine or by typing it in the address bar, you have 5 seconds to make a good impression. They’re going to take a quick look at your page, and if they don’t see something that they like, something that grabs their attention and tells them that they’re in the right place, they’re going to move on.

Online Marketing Services
A well-planned and carefully implemented online marketing plan is the key to driving traffic to your business site, growing readership and increasing sales. Instead of reaching out to potential customers with traditional outbound marketing techniques, draw them to your site with content that answers their questions.

Web Design and Development Services
If you are a small business owner, setting up and maintaining a website can be overwhelming when you are already strapped for time. Most modern entrepreneurs agree that a professional website is a valuable tool, especially a website designed for search engine optimization that gives your business an edge over competitors without an online presence. Westgate WEBS – Website Design

Search Engine and Website Optimization Services
Once your business website is set up and ready to use, it is time to market it.  One of the top methods of attracting online users, otherwise known as increasing traffic, is through a search engine and website optimization.
Westgate WEBS – SEO Services

Content Generation Services
Producing fresh content on a regular basis is a challenge for many business owners. Content generation is time-consuming but crucial to successfully increase your website traffic, customer base, and your sales.

Business IT Support Services
Small business owners have enough on their plates without worrying about IT, or information technology, issues. From networking and security concerns to fixing PCs, business IT support takes the stress of managing computer issues off your shoulders and allows you to focus on running your business, instead of managing your information technology hardware and software.

Email Newsletter Marketing Services
Marketing your business to new and existing customers through regular monthly email newsletters can be an effective component of your business online marketing strategy. The new rules of marketing focus on branding and building a long-term relationship with customers.

Mobile Website Design Services
Mobile website design also known as Responsive Website Design, is important because it produces websites created with the mobile phone user in mind. Text and graphics that look wonderful on a PC or laptop screen can be less effective on a small phone screen and may lack key information the user requires.

Website Hosting Services
Professional websites need a reliable home with easily accessible customer service. We are not the big shots on the block, but we are dedicated and driven to providing the same website hosting services and better customer support.  We offer everything that they offer, without the traps or costly upgrades that you need to have a successful professional website. You have complete control over your upgrades at half the cost and only when you need them. Of course with our 34hr 365 days a year hosting customer service, you have help when you need it in usualy 10-30 min, not 24 hrs later.  Westgate Hosting Profesional Website Hosting Services

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