At any plan level, we take our assignments from our clients. We offer and make available our professional advice regarding our views of the best allocation of our time and the client’s resources.

Webmaster 10 Plan: $250/month pre-paid ($25 an hour)

This is an excellent plan for businesses that have a very modest budget for internet marketing, but would like to improve results before committing more resources in this area. At the 10 hour per month level, we would consolidate all information about your internet marketing program: account numbers, passwords, expiration dates etc., make reliable backups of key files and data, and structure the collection of information about your internet marketing performance to give you a clearer picture of what is working and where resources should be allocated. We’ll plan and prioritize initiatives to meet your goals within the 10 hour/month budget. This is the perfect plan for a business card site, or Facebook company page setup and basic maintenance (which would include Twitter for free).

Webmaster 20 Plan: $400/month ($20 an hour)

This is an excellent plan for businesses that have a very modest budget for internet marketing, adding information to their website doing basic SEO, cross platform social media marketing, basic graphic design, regular security updates and CMS (Content Management System, WordPress, Joomla, etc) updates. Our webmaster team will be available to you daily by both phone and email. Our webmaster team is a long-term asset. Individual team members may come and go, but the institutional knowledge of your internet marketing program and goals remain with the team, not with a single individual. Senior-level expertise is available to you at entry-level budgets. Your webmaster team is a group of seasoned professionals (with over 20 years of experience) who can help you shape your strategy in ways you would never expect from an employee at a comparable salary level.

Webmaster 40 Plan: $600/month ($15 an hour)

At the 40 hour per month level, we have successfully replaced all of the duties and responsibilities of a full-time salaried webmaster. With 40 hours of time in a monthly budget, your webmaster team can easily be planning and developing your next generation web presence while managing and maintaining all of your existing systems – web site, social media, online advertising, SEO, analytics etc. and perform all of these duties for significantly less than it would cost to budget for that salaried position.

Webmaster 60 and Over Plan: ($13 an hour)

Sixty hours per month is enough time to fully manage a portfolio of websites for a complex business with multiple software integrations and business units. At this level, coordinating and communicating needs between product marketing teams and business units, typically becomes part of the job. At 60 hours per month we are capable of managing many levels of planning and implementation concurrently. You will have access to a 24 hour direct support line to Robert Burke and Kristy Regalmann for any emergencies that may occur in dealing with your website. We personally deal directly with other attached companies (webhosts, website/business reputation specialists, etc). This plan would also include managing your Google AdSense, Bing, and Facebook advertising.

Hourly Rate: $30

At any plan level we will work until the job is done. Our clients have the option of adding time to the budget in any given month at the hourly rate, so if a task can not wait until the next month when additional hours are available, we always have the option to keep moving forward at this rate. All of our time is tracked and billed to the nearest quarter-hour. All hours are communicated by your client manager on a daily or weekly basis. All progress reports include an assessment of available time with the budget of hours on the plan so that there are no surprises when the bill arrives.


Pick a plan. All plans are based on hours of work.

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