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Live Help live customer service free program

Live Help – Live Customer Service On Your Website Free

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When I first started building websites, I found very few websites with Live Help / Customer Service online. The ones that did have it seemed light years ahead of the others. Now, online stores or companies that provide any type of service need a live customer service.

Just think of the sites you visit, it is that one extra opportunity to turn visitors into a customers.

Evey website that has Live Help, and puts their customer service online, puts the customers at ease and encourages sales by having an instant solution for any issues. No wait time after sending out an email. If the site’s staff is busy helping another customer, there’s always a convenient form to fill out for any questions or issues.

Based on data of global research study from Ovum, the report tells consumers’ growing dissatisfaction with their digital experiences and reveals contact center investments to help achieve your business goals and win the hearts and minds of today’s connected customers.

Key findings including:

82% of consumers have stopped doing business with a brand following a bad experience

50% of customers are frustrated with automated response systems, and 43% are dissatisfied with the amount of time it takes to reach a representative

62% of consumers believe it takes 5+ interactions before they resolve their issue, whereas 54% of contact center managers think it only takes 1-2 interactions

If customers knew they could get a resolution on the first attempt, 78% would choose a channel other than a phone call

Today, the Live Help industry is booming.

Some Live Help platforms cost upwards of thousands of dollars a year depending on the features and how many operators you want to add. This used to leave all the smaller business behind – that is no longer the case.

After trying many of the “paid” live customer service programs, I found one that not only has over 95% of the features of the Live Help Big Guys but… it is FREE. tawk.to is a free messaging app that lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your website or from a free customizable page. We use and LOVE it on our pages, and it is the only live customer service program that we recommend to our clients!

Yes, I said free, and here are some great details about what you can do with it:

Rich in Professional Live Help Live Customer Service Features and still 100% FREE  forever!

All the premium features you would expect, just without the price tag! There is no ‘premium’ version, just one version for everyone, with nothing to pay. Ever.

Custom Live Help Widget

Modify the Size, Colors, Position and Content of the visitor widget to suit your website.

You can even customize the widget to suit your language!

Chat History

View a complete history of every chat you and your team have had. Your transcripts are stored indefinitely and you can delete them at any time. If your visitor returns, the last visit or chat can also be reviewed.

Automated Triggers

Automated Triggers allow you to set automated messages based on multiple conditions, like time, visiting a specific page, or performing a certain action, etc.  We recently set a trigger on a client’s website to show when a visitor went to the FAQ or HELP pages.


Save time by answering frequently asked visitor questions with shortcuts. Shortcuts are a major time saver, and they allow you to share recommended messages or answers with new members of your team.

E.G. – Instead of typing “Hello, welcome to our website, how can we help?” you could create a shortcut that is simply /hello

Multiple Agents

live help free full featured plugin for wordpresstawk.to is an agent-centric application, as opposed to company-centric. What this means, is that every agent is an administrator of their own account and can be invited to share multiple different ‘sites’ or ‘pages’.

You can add an unlimited number of agents!


You can have multiple aliases, so you can answer each chat with whichever name you like. Each alias can also have its own profile picture, work title, etc.

Manage Multiple Sites

Add multiple different widgets to as many websites as you like, so you can track where all your chats are coming from. Log into one dashboard, and answer on behalf of many different sites.

tawk.to is an Agent-Centric application, so every agent has their own account and can share ‘sites’ with one another. Sites have their own customization settings and can have an unlimited number of customizable widgets.

Visitor Monitoring

Track and monitor the visitors on your website in real time, watch as they navigate from page to page within your site. Gain key insights into visitor behavior, and track their geographic location, return visits, and much, much more.

The Best Products Are Free

The web’s biggest companies, and arguably the best products, are almost always free.

From Facebook to Google, Twitter and Instagram – free does not mean cheap.

tawk.to is jam-packed with all the features you need to provide winning customer support – it is lightning fast, reliable and scalable. If you already use live chat on your site, there really is no reason to keep paying per agent!

tawk.to is FREE, they do have add-ons that you could pay for, but the free program has more features than most paid programs costing hundreds of dollars a year.  You can get the plugin that fits your page today at http://tawk.to

If you need help installing it, setting it up, chat icon graphics, training, we would be glad to help. Check out our installation, setup services for this great program!